National Youth Service Week

Universities, Schools, Youth Organizations, and Informal Youth Groups
Are invited to implement service projects during

Lebanon’s Fourth

National Youth Service Week: April 6-14, 2019

NOTE: Information for National Youth Service Week 2019 is not yet available, but it is likely that most information, other than the schedule will be similar to what is here for 2018.



National Youth Service Week (April 12-18, 2018) is a Lebanese initiative to promote, support, and recognize youth service to their society.

It is built upon the NYSW logofoundation of Lebanon’s celebration of "Global Youth Service Days" from 2001-2015. It incorporates the three days of Global Youth Service Days within it, expanding that period to 7 days when youth throughout Lebanon do service projects.  All projects done for National Youth Service Week will also be counted for Global Youth Service Days.

Global Youth Service Days is three days in April when youth in over 100 countries around the world do service projects in their communities. It honors both the contribution of those youth and the adults who help make their efforts possible. While it is after National Youth Service Week in 2018, all NYSW projects can be counted as GYSD projects.

Who Can Participate in National Youth Service Week?  All children and youth. We encourage all universities, public and private schools, youth groups, and informal groups of youth to implement a service project during National Youth Service Week. 

Objective of National Youth Service Week in Lebanon:

  1. To develop an understanding of volunteering and to encourage it in our youth.
  2. To encourage youth to identify and target social problems and to collaborate to solve them
  3. To develop our youth into capable, empowered, socially responsible citizens.
  4. To provide them with opportunities to actually contribute in meaningful ways.
  5. To provide youth with volunteer opportunities that cross social barriers of age, religion, abilities/disabilities, and geography.
  6. To improve the quality and sustainability of youth service projects.
  7. To encourage and help NGOs to recruit youth to volunteer for them
  8. To acknowledge the capacity of youth to contribute to their society

The theme for National Youth Service Week is Sustainable Service (الخدمة المستدامة) – and we encourage volunteer service projects that are sustainable in three ways:

  1. Projects that continue over time or have a long time impact
  2. Projects that are environmentally friendly in their planning and implementation
  3. Projects that help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Schedule for National Youth Service Week 2018

DECEMBER 9, 2017: Official launch of National Youth Service Week 2018.

DECEMBER through FEBRUARY: Training workshops for National Youth Service Week throughout Lebanon.

DECEMBER through MARCH: Youth groups will plan their service projects according to the guidelines provided.

March 30 April 5: Final deadline to complete online forms describing your projects

Note: The sooner a group submits the online Pre-Project Form, the more likely the project will be honored with a visit from an official representative of the NYSW Coordinating Committee, and be on the GYSD and NYSW websites.

APRIL 12-18: National Youth Service Week. Implement your project – or if a long project, start it, do a part of it, or end it during this time.  NOTE: April 7-22: Possible dates for service projects that are allowed to be counted.

APRIL 23: Deadline to complete Post-Project Form (including e-poster and pictures):

Any form submitted later (up to April 28) can still get a certificate, but it may not be ready on the 28th, and the project would not be eligible for special recognition.

APRIL 28: Final Recognition Event (Time and venue to be confirmed). All groups that submit a Pre-Project Form or a Post-Project Form will be emailed information related to this event.


Together we can mobilize hundreds, if not thousands, of youth in Lebanon to undertake projects that empower them, make them more conscious of the issues of sustainability, and help them contribute positively to our society.

2018 NYSW Participation Guides

NYSW Participation Guide 2018 Arabic

NYSW Participation Guide 2018 English

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to photocopy either of the above  Participation Guides to form an A5 booklet:  Print it 2 pages to an A4 page, portrait, double-sided/short edge, booklet printing (right binding for Arabic; left binding for English), and then fold and staple the pages in the middle.


For information about the first National Youth Service Week in April 2016, please click here.