NYSW2017 Launch Event 3-12-16

Under the Patronage of the
Ministry of Youth and Sports,
Volunteer For Lebanon,

in cooperation with
non-governmental organizations and educational institutions,
would be honored by your presence at the launch event for

The Campaign for National Youth Service Week 2017

and the online portal

Projects For Lebanon

Time: Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 11:00 am
Place: Antoine Harb Hall, UNESCO Palace, Beirut

Reception following

Workshops in Arabic & English

for NGOs, service institutions, schools, and youth organizations
from 12:30-2:00

For further information and confirmation of attendance:


  • National Anthem - Children's Choir - National Conservatory of Music
  • Words of Welcome
  • President of Volunteer For Lebanon
  • NYSW Patron: Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Information about National Youth Service Week in 2017
  • Testimonials of Youth Participants in NYSW 2016
  • Introduction to the Online Portal - Projects For Lebanon
  • Closing Words

                The celebration will be one hour


  • Introduction to National Youth Service Week and Global YouthService Days
  • Objectives of National Youth Service Week
  • What is “volunteering”?
  • How does “volunteering” relate to “community service”?
  • National Youth Service Week theme of “Sustainable Service”
  • Guidelines for Participation in National Youth Service Week
  • How to use Projects For Lebanon
  • How to Plan and Implement a Project
  • Useful Resources


Volunteer For Lebanon was established in 2015 to serve as a hub for volunteering in Lebanon. VFL is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization registered with the Ministry of Interior (#2025). Its mission, like its predecessor, the Association for Volunteer Services (AVS), is “to promote, facilitate, and improve volunteering and community service throughout Lebanon.”

The campaign for National Youth Service Week 2017 is an initiative to:

  • Empower youth 5-30 years old,
  • Encourage them to contribute to improving their society
  • Provide them with training, and
  • Help them plan service projects that are implemented during National Youth Service Week (April 21-27, 2017).

The theme of NYSW is Sustainable Service

National Youth Service Week includes within it Global Youth Service Days (April 21-23, 2017), so that all NYSW projects in Lebanon automatically qualify as GYSD projects. (www.volunteerforlebanon.org/nysw)

Projects For Lebanon is an exciting, new online portal to link the four main constituents of service projects in Lebanon:  

  • Hosts: Entities that want service projects done (NGOs, service institutions, municipalities, etc.)
  • Implementors: Groups that want to do service projects (school classes, clubs, groups, youth organizations, corporate volunteer programs)
  • Mentors: Individuals who can provide guidance to Implementors related to specific types of projects.
  • Donors: Individuals, organizations, and companies that can contribute money or goods (in-kind donations) to help with a project?

School Mandatory Service Requirement

National Youth Service Week promotes the volunteering of youth from 5-30, and Projects For Lebanon has no age limit. Both initiatives,however, will give special support to youth who, in their last three years school, are required by the Ministry of Education to engage in 60 hours of service, primarily through implementing community service projects.